Since 1993
Pro Factory Resources Co., Ltd.


1993: Company was found and began to export consumer goods to Japan. We have developed our design teams and engineering departments for OEM and ODM projects and have created our original products and got the best seller of the year.
2000: The business formed into a limited company and renamed as "Pro Factory Resources Company Limited". At the end of this financial year, the business achieved an annual turnover of US$5 million.
2003: Opened UK sales channel, and developed Airlines Sales Channel through UK importer. Developed a new item which is called Shocking Habit, this is first cigarette case with shocking function to help people to quit smoking.
2005: Established our silicon product lines such as silicon wafer, broken wafer and broken solar cell. We mainly import silicon scrap from USA and Japan to supply solar ingot manufacturer in China for silicon recycling. At the same time, we are also sourcing iron ore from worldwide to meet the shortage for steel manufacturer in China.
2008: To cope with the global energy crisis, alternative energy has become one of the major industries in our country. Having established a good relationship with European, American, Indonesia, mainland China suppliers, we import good quality alternative energy material including polycrystalline silicon, tapioca and coal, etc. Moreover, along with the rapid growth of the solar energy industry, Solarwell ( ) is newly established brand name and independent division of Pro Factory Resources Co., Ltd. for PV panels manufacturing in China.
2009: Upon the demand our customers, iron ore and base metal ore business is one of our major business. We put all effort to provide quality coal and iron ore in good prices. Along the continuous development of LED technology, our company established new and independent division, LEDDART (, for LED business to concentrates on development and manufacturing for LED products.
2010: Our Solar Energy business became stable and increased continuously. We started to put our efforts and attentions to raw materials in metal industry, such as iron ore, and base metals ore.
2011: The Company will continue to provide professional quality raw materials and services to satisfy newly emerging customers' needs.
We have done a lot of marketing research for coal business, and prepared to enter coal industry, we are looking forward to reach the level of a world class nature resources company.
2012: Started to carry coal business, and joined world class coal conference as an exhibitor worldwide in 2012, we have built up a good relationship with coal producer in Indonesia, Australia and Africa, successfully developed sales network in southern and northern china, most of our customers are power plant, cement factory and paper factory.



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